The catacombs of the fallen

The catacombs of the fallen is a burial catacomb in the southern regions of Telenias under the edge of that is known as the plain of blood. The catacombs were built to bury the thousands of fallen soldiers from the battle of the bloody grasses where Telenias at first rolled back the invading Entrosian armies before being decimated upon the arrival of three Adrisian legions.

After Telenias’ defeat the High king ordered them to build the catacombs and ensure that the bodies of those inside would be safe from being disturbed. As a result a variety of traps were built into the catacombs structure to discourage grave robbing or other unwanted activates. These traps ranged from mundane to magical and were effective for several centuries at discouraging people from passing further then the first few chambers, aided by the large number of restless spirits within the catacomb.

The catacomb had a number of outer chambers with could be used for burial ceremonies for those who were buried at a later date and to complete rituals intended to calm the restless spirits within the catacombs proper. For over a century these rituals would be carried out before eventually they were abandoned completely. By the the year 876 AU and the start of the civil war in Entros the catacomb had fallen out of all but local memory, its entrances nearly completely covered over by the plains which they were built under.

Flight of the Adarkin

Some 8 months into the Entros civil war the plains of blood once again saw themselves as the site of a major bloody battle, this time between Lentura and Telenias. As the main Telenii force retreated north east, the forces of clan Adarkin were pursued north west by the advancing Lenturan army. Dispite having ridden hared for two days the Lenturan’s advanced forces were still within scermishing distance of the exhausted Telenii. Realising their location, a young officer relised that the catacomb might be a chance to slip away from their pursuers.

The catacombs of the fallen
Location Southern Telenias, Plains of Blood
Constructed 58 AU
Type Burial catacomb
Builders Telenias
Construction Stone, tunnelled through bedrock

Having safely made it into the catacomb the leaders of clan Adarkin’s army began exploring the catacombs, hoping to find a safe path through. After, disabling or surviving a variety of traps and defeating the spirits inhabiting the catacomb they were able to find a path and lead their forces safely through the catacomb with minimal injury. The passage through the catacomb not just protected them Lenturan attacks but also put them well clear of the pursuing forces which had falsely assumed that Telenii army had managed to double back past them in the night.